NEW Genie


The unit comes complete with all the necessary hose, accessories and clear, easy to understand instructions.

Can be easily self installed at your kitchen sink to provide clean filtered water for cooking.

Coway Genie P-07IU is only available from Coway Basic Sdn Bhd or local hardware shops selling water filters. 

UF composite filter

Advanced UF composite filter with 3 stage filtration system has the function to eliminate bacteria, germ and molds and to reduce rust, chlorine and bad odor.

Non-electric water filtration system

It doesn't need power supply at all.

Compact size and stylish design

3-filtration system in one composite filter providing compact size and less space for installation

Speedy & stable water flow

Direct connecting to the faucet provides 2 liter of water a minute without storage tank..

Filter replacement indicator

Easily check the filter status and need for replacement

Easy installation

No need for plumber or other professional assistance. The supplied adapter kit allows for easy installation with any faucet.