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posted Dec 29, 2012, 8:45 PM by Coway Malaysia

Satisfied customers sing praises of Coway Bidet for providing hygienic cleansing that is comfortable and affordable

HAVING a bidet in the toilet means convenient cleansing at the press of a button and it’s more hygienic than using tissue. Not only that but with Woongjin Coway, it’s affordable as one can either buy outright or rent the bidet.

Below, a few customers tell of their experiences after installing the Coway Bidet in their homes.

Housewife Tan Hui LIan, 77, Selangor
For an elderly person like me, this intelligent toilet tool brings independence for such a private matter. Many elderly people, due to physical limitations, cannot reach down to clean themselves properly. So Coway Digital Bidet BA-07R is convenient and handy for cleansing, especially after a bowel movement. Besides the dryer function, the water pressure is adjustable for a better cleansing. This product also enables us to keep our bathroom clean and dry. It surely is an innovative invention.

Interior designer Tan Nan Gee, 36, Penang
I installed Coway Bidet at home so that my children can wash themselves after bowel movement.Now my kids can clean themselves and I don’t have to be around to assist them.
My office and my parents have also installed Coway Bidet. Everyone is pleased about how useful the product is.
I also decided to install a few manual bidets in a nursing home for the elderly. This will be a convenience for the inmates, especially those who have mobility problems.

Account assistant Thamilvaani, 22, Selangor
“I would like to say that Coway Bidet is an absolutely astonishing product! With its many features to suit all needs, Coway Bidet BA-06A is a more practical way to stay hygienic and comfortable than using a hand-held bidet. Initially, my family was sceptical but now, they confess that they love how convenient Coway Bidet is.

Travel agency operations manager Fizal Kamarudin @ Fauzi, 32, Putrajaya
This product is so affordable and gives us full satisfaction. Its twin nozzles function enables us to cleanse our private parts and we even have a choice of water pressure. It only takes a few tries to get familiar with it. Say goodbye to rough toilet paper and irritated skin, because cleaning yourself with Coway Bidet is the way to go. Now, I can’t live without it.”

Beauty centre owner Gigi Ang, 35, Penang
I had Digital Coway Bidet installed in my beauty salon. After they tried it, all my staff members purchased one for their own homes too. Apart from catering to all our toilet needs, Coway Bidet also keeps our toilet clean and dry.
Many of my customers are impressed as most beauty centres don’t provide such a facility. My beauty centre is more popular than ever.”

Anonymous, 49, Selangor
Coway Digital Bidet BA-07 gives me a feeling of personal hygiene confidence that I can barely put in words. I am obese, so my movements are quite restricted. Before I installed the bidet, I found it almost impossible to clean myself after I use the toilet.
But with Coway Bidet, it’s hassle-free cleaning after a bowel movement. Thanks for an awesome product!” 

Tan Boon Kwa, SJKC Kuen Cheng II, Kuala Lumpur
First, we are very grateful for the Coway Bidet sponsorship and educational talk. Our students and teachers have found the bidet very useful.
Besides having dry toilets in the school now, the students too have learnt about good toilet culture and personal hygiene habits. A million thanks to Woongjin Coway!”

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Coway Malaysia Meraikan Kejayaan Mencapai 100,000 Pelanggan

posted Jul 15, 2012, 7:42 AM by Coway Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Woongjin Coway yang telah memenangi pelbagai anugerah antarabangsa untuk produk dan teknologi, meraikan kejayaan mencapai 100,000 pelanggan di Malaysia hanya dalam tempoh 6 tahun. Setelah memperolehi Sijil Halal Jakim yang pertama di Malaysia bagi produk penapis air yang dikeluarkan di luar negara, Coway telah berjaya menguasai pasaran tempatan dengan jualan purata 5,000 unit sebulan. Kejayaan ini telah meletakkan Coway di kedudukan No. 1 jenama produk penapis air yang paling dipercayai di Malaysia. 

Melangkah ke setengah tahun kedua 2012, selain dari mencapai pertumbuhan 45% jualan berbanding suku sama tahun lepas, Coway menjangka hasil jualan RM150 juta dan 150,000 pelanggan baru bagi tempoh berakhir 2012.

Catatan Kejayaan Coway Malaysia
  • 2012
    • Melancarkan Kempen Kebersihan Tandas Coway
    • Menjadi ahli korporat Quality Restroom Association of Malaysia
    • Meraikan 1,000 unit jualan oleh Cody Organisation
    • Melancarkan penapis udara terbaru Lombok II & Scandal
    • Konsep Gerai Pameran Pertama @ IPC Shopping Mall
    • Meraikan kejayaan mencapai 100,000 pelanggan
  • 2011
    • Melancarkan Kempen Udara Bersih Coway di KLIA
    • Memperkenalkan produk baru Water Softener BB09 di pasaran Malaysia
    • Memperluaskan pasaran ke Sabah & Sarawak
  • 2010
    • Melancarkan papan iklan gergasi @ Lebuhraya KL-Seremban
    • Melancarkan Program Pengurusan Khidmat Pelanggan Cody
    • Menerima Sijil Halal Jakim, yang pertama bagi produk penapis air yang dikeluarkan di luar negara
    • 2009
      • Menjalin kerjasama dengan AEON Credit Services
      • Menjalin kerjasama dengan Pusat Pembangunan Wanita bagi Projek Pengambilan Cody
      • 2008
        • Melancarkan Pejabat Jualan Rasmi
        • Memperluaskan pasaran ke wilayah selatan
      • 2007
        • Mula menyertai Pameran HomeDec
        • Memperluaskan pasaran ke wilayah utara
      • 2006
        • Coway Malaysia ditubuhkan
        • Memperkenalkan Skim Sewaan & Cody ke pasaran tempatan

      Coway Malaysia Celebrates 100,000 Customers

      posted Jul 15, 2012, 6:40 AM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Jul 15, 2012, 7:43 AM ]

      Kuala Lumpur: Woongjin Coway which has won numerous local and international awards for its products and technologies, now celebrates reaching 100,000 customers in a short span of six years in Malaysia. Being the first overseas home appliances company that acquired Jakim Halal certificate, Coway has penetrated the local market with average sales of 5,000 units per month. This figure makes Coway the No. 1 trusted water purifier brand in Malaysia. 

      Stepping into second half of 2012, besides a growth of 45% sales compared to same quarter last year, Coway eyes on sales revenue of RM150 million and 150,000 customers by year end.

      Coway Malaysia Milestones
      • 2012
        • Launched Coway Clean Toilet Campaign
        • Become the corporate member of Quality Restroom Association of Malaysia
        • Celebrated 1,000 sales by Cody Organisation
        • Introduced new air purifier Lombok II & Scandal
        • First concept booth @ IPC Shopping Mall
        • Celebrated 100,000 customer base
      • 2011
        • Launched Coway Clean Air Zone at KLIA
        • Introduced new product range Water Softener BB09 to Malaysian market
        • Expanded territory to East Malaysia
      • 2010
        • Launched mega billboard @ KL-Seremban Highway
        • Launched Cody's Customer Relationship Management Program
        • The first overseas home appliances manufacturer that acquired Jakim Halal Certification for water purifier series
        • 2009
          • Partnership with AEON Credit Services
          • Partnership with Women's Enterprise Development Centre for Cody Recruitment Project
          • 2008
            • Launched Authorised Sales Offices
            • Expanded business to southern region
          • 2007
            • Joined HomeDec Exhibition
            • Expanded business to northern region
          • 2006
            • Coway Malaysia was established
            • Introduced Rental Scheme & Cody to local market

          Woongjin Coway plans Bursa listing

          posted Jul 15, 2012, 6:04 AM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Jul 15, 2012, 7:47 AM ]

          Business Times 25 June 2012

          KUALA LUMPUR: South Korea's well-being household electronics appliances maker Woongjin Coway plans to float its Malaysian unit on the local bourse by 2015.

          Woongjin Coway (M) Sdn Bhd managing director James Park Jae Young said the company has already started the groundwork for the initial public offering on Bursa Malaysia.

          "We hope that it will be realised in another three years time," he told Business Times in a recent interview.

          Malaysia is Coway's fourth overseas market after China, Japan and Thailand. 

          Established in May 2006, Coway Malaysia is now one of the most profitable within the group's operations abroad.

          "We are the strongest overseas branch outside of South Korea," he said.

          The company posted sales revenue of RM111 million last year and Park is optimistic the revenue will increase to RM160 million this year.

          It has attracted 100,000 customers so far and its customer base is expected to double next year.
          Currently, Coway Malaysia has 16-products line-up, consisting of water purifier, air purifier, electronic and manual bidet, water softener, outdoor filter, with more products waiting to be rolled out into the market.

          Park said the company's strongest revenue comes from water purifiers. However, the bidet is also expected to contribute significantly towards its earnings this year.

          The company expects to sell at least 6,000 bidets this year, which is a marked improvement from the 1,000 units they sold last year.

          "It's a 500 per cent increase from what we sold last year and we are confident of achieving it as more Malaysians are now willing to try the bidets which do literally everything for you like washing and what not," he said.

          For water purifiers, Coway Malaysia holds the number one position in the country with over 3,000 units sold in a month, while the air purifiers are among the top two in terms of sales.

          The company is also looking at expanding its branches and staff. 

          "We have over 50 branches nationwide and more than 2,500 staff to service our product lines," he said.
          Park said the company has set aside RM7 million budget for advertising and promotion of its products, of which RM5 million will be going towards the promotion of bidets alone.

          Established in 1989, Korea Stock Exchange-listed Woongjin Coway has successfully maintained the number one position in water purifier market in South Korea for over 22 years.

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          Coway memasuki pasaran Sarawak

          posted Jul 1, 2011, 10:43 PM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Jul 1, 2011, 11:33 PM ]

          Bermula Mei 2011, Coway Malaysia telah berjaya meluaskan pasarannya ke seluruh Malaysia setelah membuka Pusat Coway Dream Service terbaru di Sarawak. Pusat Coway Dream Service yang terletak di Sibu itu disokong sepenuhnya oleh pasukan CODY dan CT yang mencangkupi bandar-bandar utama di Sarawak termasuk Kuching, Serikei, Bandar Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu dan Miri. Yang pasti, pasaran produk Coway akan terus menerus diperluaskan ke seluruh pelusuk negeri Sarawak di dalam waktu terdekat.
          Pengguna-pengguna dari Bumi Kenyalang seharusnya tidak melepaskan peluang untuk menikmati kebaikan dan kelebihan produk Coway yang diperakui di peringkat antarabangsa dan disahkan halal oleh Jakim Malaysia. Pelbagai tawaran menarik boleh didapati secara online dengan melayari
          Bersempena dengan kejayaan Coway Malaysia mencapai 50,000 pelanggan, tawaran menarik potongan 30% untuk kebanyakan produk Coway disediakan bagi memberi peluang kepada lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia untuk memiliki produk Coway pada harga yang murah. Layari sekarang sebelum tawaran tamat penghujung Julai 2011.

          Coway Malaysia upbeat on triple-digit growth

          posted Apr 26, 2011, 8:02 AM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Jul 15, 2012, 6:09 AM ]

          Business Times 1 April 2011

          SOUTH Korean home-wellness appliances maker Woongjin Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is banking on product awareness to drive a triple-digit growth in its customer base and sales this year.

          Managing director James Park said for this year, the company's customers and sales are projected to double to 100,000 customers and RM80 million respectively.

          Coway Malaysia, which has plans to float its shares on Bursa Malaysia by 2014, aims to be a market leader by next year.

          "We have been in the Malaysian market for five years, while our competitors have been here for 15-20 years.

          "(But) we sell 5,000 units of products every month, which already make us the number one in the market," he told a news conference after the signing of sponsorship agreement with Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) for Coway Clean Air Zone Campaign at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang yesterday.

          The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Health Ministry's director of disease control unit Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman. Coway Malaysia was represented by Park and MAHB by its managing director, Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad.

          KLIA is the first partner under the campaign, in which Coway Malaysia sponsors 30 air purifiers that cost about RM120,000. The company plans to install more air purifiers at the KLIA, and later at other major international airports in the country.

          Coway Malaysia, which has so far invested some RM100 million in the country, has earmarked another RM10 million for advertising and promotion this year.


          Coway Malaysia Atasi Pesaing

          posted Apr 26, 2011, 7:43 AM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Apr 26, 2011, 8:09 AM ]

          PENGELUAR dan pengedar barangan keperluan rumah terutama penapis air dan pembersih udara dari Korea, Woojin Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Coway Malaysia) menyasarkan untuk menjadi peneraju utama di Malaysia dalam segmen berkenaan tahun depan.

          Pengarah Urusannya, James Park Jae-Young, berkata sasaran itu disandarkan kepada prestasi cemerlang serta jumlah jualan amat memberangsangkan sejak syarikat meneroka pasaran di Malaysia.

          “Usia Coway Malaysia masih muda iaitu lima tahun berbanding pesaing kami yang sudah berada di Malaysia antara 15 hingga 20 tahun, tetapi pelanggan percaya dan yakin dengan kualiti produk kami.

          “Disebabkan itu, kami percaya dapat menguasai pasaran di Malaysia tahun depan, sekali gus mengatasi pesaing sedia ada ketika ini.

          “Malah, berdasarkan jumlah jualan setiap bulan yang mencecah 5,000 unit, kami percaya kami sudah menguasai pasaran dalam segmen berkenaan,” katanya pada sidang media selepas majlis menandatangani perjanjian penajaan pemasangan alat pembersih udara antara Coway Malaysia dan Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) di Lapangan Terbang Antarbangsa Kuala Lumpur, Sepang, semalam.

          Majlis turut dihadiri Ketua Pengarah Bahagian Kawalan Penyakit, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman dan Pengarah Urusan MAHB, Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad serta Pengurus Besar Kanan (Operasi) MAHB, Datuk Azmi Murad.

          James Park berkata, Coway Malaysia juga bercadang membina kilang pengeluaran produk terbabit di negara ini.

          Sementara itu, KLIA dipilih menjadi rakan kongsi pertama Coway Malaysia dalam Kempen Zon Udara Bersih dengan menerima 30 unit pembersih udara bernilai RM120,000 dan akan dipasang di Balai Ketibaan serta Balai Berlepas di Bangunan Satelit, KLIA.

          “Pembersih udara itu direka khas untuk menghalang virus selesema, bakteria dan bau busuk dalam udara sehingga 2,650 kaki persegi,” katanya.


          Penulen air Coway diiktiraf Jakim

          posted Mar 17, 2011, 4:30 PM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Mar 17, 2011, 4:34 PM ]

          Harian Metro

          PENGELUAR peralatan elektrik jenama Coway, berjaya memperoleh sijil halal daripada Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) untuk produk penulen airnya sekali gus menjadikannya pengeluar penulen air antarabangsa pertama menerima pengiktirafan itu.

          Pengarah Urusan Coway Malaysia, James Park Jae-Young berkata, pengiktirafan itu membuktikan produk Coway memenuhi piawaian halal dan secara tidak langsung memudahkan pengguna Islam membuat keputusan untuk membeli produk keluaran syarikat itu.

          Katanya, syarikat Coway sudah menjemput Jakim untuk menyertai rombongan penelitian ke pusat penyelidikan dan kilang Coway berpangkalan di Korea.

          “Sebagai pengeluar penapis air dalam bilik terbesar sejagat, pengawalan kualiti kami yang ketat berjaya menepati piawaian dari segi agama dan kebersihan yang ditetapkan Jakim. Tambahan pula, pusat penyelidikan Coway dilantik Persatuan Kualiti Air sebagai makmal ujian sejak 2009.

          “Ia adalah sebuah persatuan yang mewakili industri rawatan air bagi kediaman, komersial dan perindustrian untuk menetapkan piawaian bagi kemudahan rawatan air,” katanya dalam kenyataan di Kuala Lumpur.

          Sistem penapisan Osmosis Songsang Coway yang memenuhi piawaian halal bertaraf antarabangsa boleh didapati dengan pilihan rekaan atas meja dan berdiri.


          SNSD to model water purifiers for “Woongjin Coway”

          posted Mar 12, 2011, 9:43 AM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated May 27, 2011, 9:37 AM ]

          On February 27th, Woongjin Coway Korea revealed that they selected SNSD as their exclusive models and recently contracted with the group for their water purifiers. Their contract will begin on March 1st and last through the year, while TV advertisements will begin running in mid-March.

          With the water purification market expanding, Woongjin Coway believed that SNSD would be the perfect model in expanding the consumer base of their company, especially since the group is much loved by all age groups.

          One representative stated, “In the past, our models included Kim Jung Eun, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Young Ae, and others. With the market expanding, we decided that SNSD would be a good fit since they’re popular with a variety of age groups.”

          They continued, “Since Woongjin is #1 in the industry, our promotion plan is one that can only be done by a company of such stature. By creatively using the unique charms of each of the nine members, we’ll be releasing advertisements that show how our water purifiers are set apart from the rest.”

          Source: Star News via Naver

          Coway dapat sijil halal Jakim

          posted Feb 20, 2011, 7:47 PM by Coway Malaysia   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 8:01 PM ]

          KUALA LUMPUR 17 Feb. – Pengeluar peralatan elektrik, Coway menjadi syarikat pengeluar penapis air antarabangsa pertama yang berjaya memperolehi sijil halal dari Jabatan Kemajuan  Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

          Pengarah Urusan Coway Malaysia, James Park Jae-Young berkata, sebagai pengeluar penapis air terbesar di peringkat global, kawalan kualitinya adalah ketat.

          “Justeru, kami turut memastikan piawaian Coway menepati dari segi pematuhan yang ditetapkan oleh JAKIM,” katanya dalam kenyataannya di sini hari ini.

          Sistem penapisan osmosis songsang Coway yang memenuhi piawaian Halal bertaraf antarabangsa kini boleh didapati di pasaran tempatan dengan pilihan rekaan desktop dan rekaan berdiri.

          Sumber: Utusan Malaysia - 18 Februari 2011

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