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The water quality specialist

posted Sep 21, 2010, 7:07 PM by Coway Malaysia
Established in the Malaysian market in 2006, Woongjin Coway from South Korea has positioned itself as the brand that cares for your health and the environment. With the tagline – “We Bring Wellness” – it offers 100% eco-friendly home appliances for your well-being.

To date, there are 4.7 million Coway customers in South Korea and about 40,000 customers in Malaysia, and the number is growing.

This can be attributed to:

A robust research and development centre

Besides the manufacturing factories in Incheon and Yugu, Korea, Coway has also set up a research and development centre at the Seoul National University, which has about 250 researchers in the team. With over 50 laboratories, each equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the R&D centre is also the first research centre to be granted South Korea’s official “Drinking Water Quality Inspection Agency”.

Also, for the past 20 years, Coway has been committed to providing every household with quality products and excellent customer service. Coway also prides itself on adhering to the most stringent quality control, thus, receiving the Reduction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Certificate of Compliance.

Rental Scheme

As time progresses, rental schemes have slowly become the choice of today’s consumers. Through a rental scheme, customers are able to enjoy Coway products such as water purifiers, air purifiers and bidet system at a fixed monthly rental fee. After five years, customers are entitled to the right to obtain the product ownership or renew the lease. With this scheme, not only does Coway help make quality living affordable for you, it also helps to build consumer trust and brand confidence.

Meet your new helper, Cody

Whether it is a water filtration device or air purifier, the filter is the heart of the equipment. Regular maintenance and replacement of the filter helps to prolong the life and performance of the product. To help consumers get an insight into the importance of product maintenance, Coway has introduced the Coway Lady, Cody.

Cody consists of a team of attentive and dedicated women who are always ready to assist customers with technical matters related to filter replacements and product maintenance.

The Cody team is also responsible for after-sales services, providing the company with consumer insights to help improve the service or product quality provided to customers.

Currently, there are about 13,000 Codys in South Korea and this profession has also been recognised by the country’s Ministry of Human Resource. In Malaysia, there are about 200 Codys, with an average enrolment of 10 to 20 women monthly.

Since 1995, Coway has been awarded the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal Mark for its water purifier series. Coway’s line of products conforms with the NSF/ANSI standards, and they are:

·         NSF/ANSI 58 Reserve osmosis drinking water treatment systems

·         NSF/ANSI 53 Drinking water treatment units – Health effects

·         NSF/ANSI 42 Drinking water treatment units – Aesthetic effects

Coway products have received the internationally-acclaimed red dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the iF – International Forum Design Award for its well-designed products.

Coway in medical centres

While many brands are in the pursuit of creating awareness and building brand recognition among consumers, Coway has established its brand in public and private hospitals, universities, banks and more. This is evident as large enterprises and government entities such as hospitals comprise 30% of Coway’s rental customers in Malaysia.

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Source: StarSpecial HOMEDEC 2010 Supplement, Wednesday 22 September 2010